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Liv Love Lav 2 Piece Skirt Set

Designer: Show Me Your MuMu

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Tortuga Tie Top and Stretch Skater Skirt matching set

Flowers brushed with deep and warm purple hues dance on this light lilac print. Silver and pewter are great compliments to this soft and precious flower princess print.
The Tortuga Tie is the perfect top to wear with the Stretch Skater Skirt! You can tie her in a bow, a knot, or lose and hanging for a super casual look. So cute with high waisted shorts, skirt or your favorite pair of bellbottoms. She has a modern 70's vibe which we're diggin, we want to wrap up on her all summer long! 

*100% Poly 
*Basically Wrinkle-proof. Throw in purse for later recommended
This item is in like new condition and does not come with sales tags from the original designer or vendor.

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